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Sheffield man awarded £14,500 after tripping on uneven concrete

Tripped at work


A Sheffield supermarket delivery driver has received just under £14,500 in workplace accident compensation after tripping on uneven concrete and injuring his shoulder, having highlighted the hazard to his employers previously.

Workplace accident solicitors

With help from workplace accident solicitors Irwin Mitchell, Anthony Dennison, 65, of Blacksmith Lane, Grenoside, received £14,432.70 in an out of court settlement, following an employer liability claim against Sainsburys at Archer Road, Sheffield.

Mr Dennison was unloading home delivery boxes from a lorry at the time of his accident in October 2003. He was walking along the store loading bay, holding four or five boxes, when he tripped over a concrete hole and fell forwards onto the floor.

He said: I was conscious that I was wearing glasses and was worried they would shatter in my face. I put out my hand to protect myself and landed on the floor, on top of the boxes.

Accident at work

I lay on the floor for a couple of minutes and two first aiders came to attend to me with a drink of water. I tried to get up and walk around, to see if I had damaged anything, as my hip, arm, shoulder and wrist were painful. My shift was due to end, so I went home.

The next day, Mr Dennison visited his GP as he was still aching down his right side, and was signed off work for two weeks.

Mr Dennison said: When I visited the GP for the second time, I asked if they would request on the bottom of my sick note that my employers could find me light duties with no lifting, as I wanted to get back to work. Sainsburys agreed and I went back to work for two weeks, but found this aggravated my arm and shoulder even more.

Attending his GP for a third time, Mr Dennison was signed off work for a further two weeks and referred to a physiotherapist. However, he paid for two private sessions before being allotted an NHS appointment, as the waiting list was so long.

Mr Dennison said: I remained off work for five months as a result of my accident and subsequently retired on ill health grounds. I still do not have a full range of movement and need to take painkillers.

Myself and other colleagues, including my supervisor, had all previously complained about the state of the concrete in the loading bay, but nothing was done about this. However, since my accident, this has been filled in and I believe this mishap would not have occurred if the hole had been repaired earlier.

Workplace accident compensation claim

The workplace accident compensation claim was handled by Lynne Parker, a personal injury expert based at Irwin Mitchells Riverside offices.

Ms Parker said: Mr Dennison still suffers from restricted movement in his shoulder. After the accident, he was also unable to carry out his hobbies of golf or bowls and it interfered with his enjoyment of gardening and DIY.

This case highlights the importance of health and safety hazard checks in the workplace, to ensure accidents and injuries, such as those suffered by Mr Dennison, do not occur. It also shows the importance of acting on reports of defects. Although accidents can cause financial loss to the employer it seems that some companies still fail to take simple steps to avoid workers being injured.