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Methionine cartel - claims for compensation

Methionine cartel legal advice


Methionine, an essential amino acid, is added to compound feeds and premixes for all animal species although its principle application is in poultry feed.

The existence of a price-fixing cartel for the production and sale of methionine has been established by convictions in both the US and the EU. The cartel was found to have operated over a 13 year period from February 1986 to February 1999.

Following an investigation by the EC Commission, the following cartel members were convicted for having conspired to agree and implement price targets for methionine:

  • Aventis SA
  • Aventis Animal Nutrition SA
  • Nippon Soda Company Ltd
  • Degussa AG

The cartel was fined a total of ‚¬127m by the EC Commission and $107m in the US proceedings. These fines, however, do not directly benefit the purchasers of methionine in any way. For that to happen, civil claims for compensation need to be brought in the national courts.

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