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Irwin Mitchell call for tougher safety measures following latest Dhow Incident

Bahrain dhow accident


Following the tragic news that at least 57 people including 12 Britons are thought to have died after a Bahrain boat sank off the coast of Bahrain, national law firm Irwin Mitchell is calling for a full investigation in to the event and increased safety measures to prevent similar disasters occurring again.

Britons, South Africans, Egyptians and Filipinos were on board the boat, which was thought to be overcrowded.

Bahrain dhow solicitors

Commenting on this incident Clive Garner, Partner and Head of Irwin Mitchells International Travel Litigation Group, says:

This is clearly a major tragedy for those who were passengers on board the dhow and for the families who lost loved ones. There are reports of significant overcrowding on board the Bahrain dhow to the extent that some passengers even disembarked before the accident due to fears for their own safety.

There have been reports of very similar previous accidents in this area of the Gulf. A full enquiry is needed to establish the facts and the additional safeguards which should be put into place to reduce the risk of similar accidents in the future.

Boat disaster experience

We acted for the victims of both The Marchioness and Herald of Free Enterprise, (Zeebrugge) disasters, both of which could have been avoided if better care had been taken. The investigation and enquiries following those tragedies led to improved regulations and operating procedures and, as this latest tragedy shows, Internationally there is still much more that needs be done.

Families that are concerned about relatives that are in the Bahrain area are advised to contact the Foreign office on 020 7008 1500 or visit www.fco.gov.uk.

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