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MRSA - woman dies after developing MRSA infection

MRSA compensation claim


Jean Masson went into Sheffield's Northern General Hospital for a routine operation to treat kidney failure.

She died seven days later after contracting the superbug MRSA.

MRSA related renal failure

Jean suffered from renal failure and had to have dialysis at hospital three times a week.

A week before she died the cannula in her shoulder which was used to drain her dialysis fluid fell out.

She was taken back to hospital because of her weakened state. When doctors removed the bandage her skin started to fall off.

MRSA treatment

Jean was given injections of the high-dose antibiotic Vancomycin, commonly used to treat MRSA. She was also given the drug called Lanzoprozol to treat a separate condition.

She reacted violently to the drugs, developing a rash all over her body.

Within days her skin started to shed after she developed toxic epidermal necrolosis - also known as Red Man Syndrome, which separates the layers of skin like burns.

Jean later developed an infection in the peeling layers and suffered from the equivalent of 99 per cent burns.

At an inquest in Sheffield the Coroner returned a misadventure verdict. He said that Mrs Masson had a rare and severe reaction to drugs that were correctly administered.

Specialist MRSA solicitors

Specialist clinical negligence solicitor John White - the family's solicitor, said that he had been hoping a test case for MRSA would develop in the courts which might have helped the family's case.

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