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First legal action against Cadburys for suspected Salmonella infection considered

Legal action against Cadburys for Salmonella poisoning


Lawyers at national law firm Irwin Mitchell have begun investigating the possibility of pursuing a Salmonella poisoning compensation claim against the chocolate makers Cadburys for suspected Salmonella poisoning.

Salmonella poisoning compensation claim

Their client Catherine Henderson (62) had to be kept on a hospital isolation ward for five days after eating a Cadbury's caramel bar. Mrs Henderson was told by environmental health officials that her tests showed the presence of Salmonella Montevideo, the same rare strain identified in Cadbury's chocolate.

Mrs Henderson, who lives in county Antrim in Northern Ireland, said "I couldn't believe what was happening to me, all of a sudden my legs went weak and I started finding it hard to breath. My heart was racing and slowing down as if it was going to stop." Mrs Henderson had to be rushed to hospital and was placed on an isolation ward where she was put on a drip and given antibiotics.

Last month the Food Standards Agency had to force Cadburys to withdraw 1m chocolate bars after the Salmonella bug was identified at one of its factories, and following unusually high levels of Salmonella Montevideo poisoning in Britain.

The Health Protection Agency has identified 31 people who have so far been infected with this strain of Salmonella, which can cause diarrhoea, vomiting fever, chills and headaches, and their records show that one adult, one child and one infant have been hospitalised with the infection.

Lawyer comments on Cadburys Salmonella warning

Sallie Booth, a Partner at Irwin Mitchell said "This type of bug is extremely dangerous; especially to the most vulnerable in society, the very young and the very old. As chocolate is consumed mainly by children the measures taken by Cadburys should have been ultra rigorous."

Ms Booth continued "We would encourage anyone who has been to see their GP or has been hospitalised with this strain of Salmonella after consuming Cadburys products to get in touch as soon as possible."

Do you have a claim? If you or someone you know has been affected by salmonella after consuming Cadburys products, or any infected product, seek free legal advice immediately. Visit our product liability section.