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E-coli outbreak in Leeds leaves over twenty people affected

E-coli outbreak at Todd's Butchers in Leeds


Irwin Mitchell Solicitors are representing three children between the ages of 2 and 5 in a claim for compensation after they contracted the potentially fatal e-coli 0157 strain after eating meat products purchased from Todd's Pork and Beef Butchers in Armley in Leeds.

The children suffered from severe symptoms and the eldest, a five year old boy, has not been allowed back to school since being diagnosed with e-coli approximately one month ago. It is unclear at this time whether any of the children will suffer any long term effects from the illness.

The Council's Environmental Health department believe that at least 34 people may be affected by the outbreak which began on 23 June.

The West Yorkshire Health Protection Unit and the Environmental Health team are investigating this outbreak and a decision will be made upon what legal action will be taken in the next 3-4 weeks. It is possible that Todd's Pork and Beef Butchers will face criminal proceedings.

Todd's Butchers has now reopened after it was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and staff had received training in cleansing, food storage and food handling.

Environmental swabs taken from the market stall for analysis did not show any presence of e-coli 0157 bacteria.

E-coli infection claims 

E coli is an infection most commonly transmitted in contaminated foodstuffs, including undercooked meat. Symptoms range from mild diarrhoea, to severe bloody diarrhoea (haemorrhagic colitis).

A small number of patients, particularly children and older people, infected with E.coli can go on to develop further complications.

Sallie Booth, specialist public health lawyer of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, commented, "It is reassuring that the authorities have taken action quickly because this seems to be a particularly serious outbreak where a number of people have been hospitalised. If the source of contamination can be traced, it will be possible to claim compensation for injuries suffered."