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Inquest into tragic death of mother of three opens

Complications during an operation to remove a tumour


An Inquest is due to open today in Coventry (22nd February 2006) into the death of 34-year-old mother of three who died on the 10 November 2005 at Walsgrave General Hospital during an operation to remove a tumour from her chest wall.


Cardiac complications during surgery inquest

According to her family, Terri Bailey, formerly of Bedworth, had become unwell about eighteen months prior to her death and had developed an array of symptoms including extreme tiredness, pressure in her head, weight loss, pain on her left-hand side radiating round to her back, constant headaches and dizziness and an increasing shortness of breath. She also suffered with several infections and had developed swollen glands on her neck and in her groin. Between April 2004 and September 2005 Terri went to her GP surgery on numerous occasions, but she was never referred to hospital. The GP records indicate that during this period the doctors were treating Terri for depression and panic attacks and she was referred to MIND for counselling.


Tumour removal complications

When Terri was eventually referred for a chest x-ray at the George Eliot Hospital, Nuneaton in September 2005 by a different GP within the same practice it was found that she had a large tumour in her chest, which the doctors said was the size of a football. The tumour was pressing on her internal organs including her heart and lungs. Terri was subsequently transferred to Walsgrave General Hospital where a decision was made to operate to remove the tumour, but Terri died during that operation when, after they had almost completely removed the tumour, she developed cardiac arrhythmia from which they were unable to resuscitate her. The Pathologist who performed the subsequent post-mortem has said that he cannot be certain why the cardiac complications may have developed.

Mrs Janine Dennis, the mother of the deceased, says: We are concerned about the care provided by Terri's GP practice and want to know why they did not refer her to hospital earlier. We feel they kept suggesting it was all in her mind and it saddens me to think just how unwell Terri must have felt. We also want to know what actually happened during the operation to cause Terri's death which came as a complete and devastating shock.


Medical law solicitor

The family's Medical Law Solicitor, Lindsay Gibb of Irwin Mitchell says: Nothing can repair the damage done to Terris family by the loss of a daughter, partner and mother in such tragic circumstances but we need to ensure that the Coroners inquiry is as full as possible. The family needs answers to help understand how and why Terri met her death and we hope the Coroners inquiry will assist with this.