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One year on and Hundreds remain uncompensated for Buncefield

Buncefield oil depot blast


Commemorative events marking the first anniversary are being held by people whose lives were affected by the Buncefield oil depot blast.

A leak from a petrol tank at the depot near Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire triggered the largest explosion in peace time Europe which devastated surrounding homes and businesses.

Two people seriously injured

It left two people seriously injured. A thick black smoke plume from the fire was visible across the south-east of England.

Trying to claim compensation

One year on, hundreds of people whose homes were damaged are still trying to claim compensation.
The devastating fire at the depot started when unleaded motor fuel being pumped into a storage tank overflowed, creating a lethal oil and air vapour. The malfunction was not noticed until the vapour ignited causing the first of several huge explosions.