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Leading Asbestos lawyer calls for YouTube videos to be taken offline

UK asbestos lawyer concerned over YouTube


One of the country's leading industrial disease lawyers has expressed his shock and concern at behaviour captured on video and posted online at the website YouTube.

A video posted on the site by 'alexthebikeman' on November 16th entitled 'Explosions from putting Asbestos in a fire' shows teenagers somewhere in Britain throwing the deadly material into a makeshift fire. The video ends with the caption 'And then my lungs hurt so we stopped'.

UK asbestos lawyer, Adrian Budgen head of the Industrial Diseases group at law firm Irwin Mitchell said "These poor kids have now been exposed to Asbestos, there is no argument that this type of exposure can lead to some of the most deadly cancers and diseases, including Mesothelioma, a deadly cancer that attacks the pleural lining of the lungs and surrounding organs.

"We call on the regulators of YouTube to take down this video to ensure that other young people do not put themselves at risk of exposure. Every year over 4000 people die of asbestos related disease, many of these people were exposed over 20 years ago but their symptoms have only just manifested themselves."

"With asbestos now a banned substance we had hoped to see the amount of asbestos related disease drop over the next 20 years, We do not want to be dealing with these young people in the future because of just 'messing about'. All traces of Asbestos throughout society needs to be removed"

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