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Lawyer for Parexel Drug Trial Victims Welcomes Duff Report and Urges Government to Respond Speedily

Parexel drug trial report



The lawyer representing three of the seven victims of the TGN1412 clinical Parexel drug trials, that went disastrously wrong in March 2006, has welcomed today's report by Professor Gordon Duff. However Ann Alexander from law firm Irwin Mitchell has called for a more far reaching independent enquiry to be instigated describing today's report as not having the wide remit needed to allow the full story to be heard, and all the lessons to be learnt.

Ann Alexander of Irwin Mitchell, the law firm representing Ryan Wilson and Mohamed Abdelhady, the two men most seriously injured in the TGN1412 trial as well as Raste Khan who was given the placebo as part of the trial, said: "We very much appreciate the opportunity that volunteers were given to express their concerns, and although much of what was discussed was beyond the groups remit they have recognised the importance of the volunteers contribution and have recommended that these wider concerns be taken up as a high priority."

Ms Alexander continued "We also welcome the finding that the pre clinical development studies that were performed with TGN 1412 did not predict a safe dose for use in humans even though current regulatory requirements were met. Going forward it is now critical that the 22 recommendations made by the committee are implemented urgently to ensure the safety, rights and well-being of volunteers taking part in future clinical trials.

The Expert Scientific Group (ESG), chaired by Professor Gordon Duff was commissioned by the Secretary of State for Health following six mens adverse reactions to the drug TGN1412. The drug trial took place at a unit run by drug testing company Parexel, attached to Northwick Park Hospital, in March 2006.

The ESG was set up to look at how to improve the safety of phase 1 clinical drug trials. Its interim report was published in July this year; today's final report follows a wide ranging consultation with victims, doctors and other experts on the groups initial findings.

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