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Epilepsy misdiagnosis doctor loses GMC Appeal

Epilepsy misdiagnosis GMC Appeal


Consultant paediatrician, Dr Andrew Holton, who was accused of misdiagnosing and/or inappropriately treating hundreds of children with epilepsy, has lost his appeal over the GMC ruling against him in January 2006.

The GMC judged his performance to have been seriously deficient and had placed a number of restrictions upon him. These included retraining, regular checks by superiors, regular reporting to the GMC, not working with children and working in a new speciality.

However, in the High Court in London today, while the judge ruled that Dr Holtons work was "seriously deficient", he is considering altering the restrictions which prevented Dr Holton from diagnosing or treating any child with or thought to have epilepsy, until April 2008.

Lindsay Wise, of national law firm Irwin Mitchell, represents the Leicester Epilepsy Concern Parents and Carers' Group (LECPCG).

She said: My clients are pleased that the High Court has upheld the GMCs decision that found Dr Holtons work "seriously deficient". However, at the time of the GMCs decision, they were very disappointed that Dr Holton was allowed to continue to practice with limited and minor restrictions.

They are also concerned that despite upholding the GMCs decision, the court is now going back to consider the restrictions on Dr Holton and would urge the judge to consider the damage they feel he has inflicted on their children, continues Lindsay.

Their frustration is exacerbated by them not being able to make representations to the judge, unlike Mr Holtons barrister and the GMC who will both be making their feelings known, a privilege they have not been afforded.

Epilepsy misdiagnosis permanently damaged children

Trevor Parr, a representative of the LECPCG said: While we are pleasantly surprised that the appeal has not been successful, we are shocked that there is even consideration of a change to the restrictions imposed on Dr Holton whose actions and treatment, we believe, permanently damaged our children.

Dr Holton was formerly a Consultant Paediatrician at Leicester Royal Infirmary. He is believed to be currently working as a neuro-physiologist at a hospital in Staffordshire. He has previously worked at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton.

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