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Dreamspace inflatable creator arrested

Dreamspace inflatable art disaster


The Health and Safety Executive together with the police launched a lengthy investigation following the devastation caused by the Dreamspace installation launching itself into the sky at Chester-le-Street on 23 July 2006. The arrest of Mr Argis earlier this week, the artist behind Dreamspace, signifies a new development in the investigation.

Injuries caused by Dreamspace inflatable
Two people were killed and thirteen injured when the inflatable Dreamspace Installation became unsecured and launched into the sky. The investigation considered the possibility of the disaster being the work of vandals.

However, scientists have indicated that the hot weather on the afternoon of 23rd July may have caused the inflatable to heat up and create the effect of it being a giant hot air balloon.

Mr Argis was at Chester-le-Street when the accident occurred. The artist grabbed a mooring rope but unfortunately was unable to hold on as he was knocked to the floor. The investigation continues. 

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