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UK's largest Personal Injury Firm supports finding of report into injuries to Young Workers

Hazards magazine report


A report published today by Hazards magazine shows that more than 4,000 young people are seriously injured at work every year, thousands more have to take at least three days off sick after being hurt or injured in the workplace, according to the study conducted by the TUC. The report states that lack of training amongst under 25-year-olds in the UK had led to a higher accident rate among the age group, compared to other European countries.

The TUCs general secretary, Brendan Barber, said: "No young person should die or be seriously injured this summer because their employer failed to take simple steps to ensure their safety. And no young person's first job should be their last."

Young people in accidents at work

David Urpeth, Head of the Workplace Injuries team at Sheffield based law firm Irwin Mitchell, added It is a situation which we come across far too often. Young people are routinely hired as cheap labour and given inadequate training. Many accidents are serious and can affect people for the rest of their lives. Sadly, some accidents result in fatalities.

Damon Kelly (19) was working in the warehouse of a large supermarket getting stock ready for the shop floor when he was hit by a full pallet of tins which fell on him from approximately 12ft from above. Mr Kelly sustained injuries to his back, shoulder, left arm and left foot. The main injury being to his back which has stopped him playing inline hockey for Great Britain.

Mr Urpeth concluded It is important that employers take proper steps to protect young workers and ensure they are given a proper job induction, training, and the correct protective equipment. Employers should be especially aware of inexperienced workers, who are often young, and take into account that they may need more training and supervision than a more experienced worker.