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Patient dies after hysterectomy operation gynaecologist reported to GMC after mistreating her condition

Patient mistreated for stomach pains


A gynaecologist faces a misconduct hearing after a patient in his care died from a heart attack having being mistreated for stomach pains. The woman, who had a history of angina and was at risk of heart attack was given a hysterectomy unnecessarily and died the following day.

A gynaecologist faces a GMC fitness to practice hearing after a woman died following a hysterectomy operation

Dr May Mammo was working as a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Bassetlaw Hospital in Worksop.

He denies misconduct.

But the hearing heard that Mammo should not have carried out the inappropriate treatment
and should have considered alternative treatments.

The woman had the surgery after suffering from stomach pains.

She died following surgery at Bassetlaw Hospital in 2001.

In actual fact, the stomach pains had probably been caused by fibroids and HRT.


Misdiagnosis of stomach pains

Mammo's failure to diagnose accurately the cause of the patient's stomach pains led to him inappropriately treating her by operating unnecessarily.

The misdiagnosis led to a decision to perform a hysterectomy which was the cause of her death.

It is thought that the operation posed a risk to the patient due to previous medical problems. She suffered from angina, and the operation would have put her at risk of heart attack.

In fact, she died the following day after the operation from a suspected heart attack.

The hearing is scheduled to finish later this week.


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