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Legal action for distraught holiday maker who contracted Salmonella on Norwegian Spirit cruise ship

Norwegian Spirit Salmonella illness


Specialist travel law firm Irwin Mitchell have been instructed to act for passengers following their recent cruise on board the Norwegian Spirit in the Bahamas following an outbreak of food poisoning.

Mrs Karen Purbrick, 26 from from St Neots in Cambridgeshire suffered severe poisoning in June 2006 on board what should have been a cruise of a lifetime. Mrs Purbrick has also been contacted by the Centre for Disease Control in America (CDC) who have confirmed that they are investigating the illness outbreak on board the Norwegian Spirit.

Francesca Sandiford, Travel litigation specialist at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors confirms "We urge people to come forward if they have been affected by illness on board the Norwegian Spirit. Our client Mrs Purbrick has been diagnosed with Salmonella food poisoning and this bacterial infection is usually contracted as a result of poor hygiene procedures in kitchen and restaurant areas, which could be easily avoided if stricter hygiene and sanitation measures are put in place. The outbreak of illness on board the Norwegian Spirit spread to a number of passengers and crew are also reported to have been struck down."

Mrs Purbrick, from St Neots in Cambridgeshire, states "I was extremely concerned when I began to suffer from my initial symptoms. This was towards the end of my holiday and included time I should have been enjoying time on-shore in New York. My illness ruined the end of my holiday and I was so ill that I was unable to return to work when I initially got home. Even now, I am still suffering symptoms of illness which is effecting me daily and is causing me a lot of discomfort and concern."

Ms Sandiford adds "Sadly, This is one of a large number of outbreaks of Salmonella and other illnesses on board cruise ships. My colleagues and I have acted for a large number of passengers who contracted illnesses including Salmonella, E- Coli, Norovirus, Shigella and a range of other conditions due to inadequate health, hygiene and safety standards on a number of different cruise ships. In one recent case we acted for a group of claimants who travelled on the SS Ausonia and contracted Salmonella food poisoning. We recovered total damages for passengers in excess of £250,000. Similar results have been achieved for our clients who suffered illness on a number of Liners cruising in waters around the World."

Norwegian Spirit Salmonella outbreak not isolated case

Irwin Mitchell have repeatedly called for more to be done to improve safety standards on cruise ships. There are far too many incidences like this one and until tighter regulation and independent inspection regimes are in force internationally, it seems that forcing errant Cruise Lines and Tour Operators to pay significant compensation to passengers is the only method available to encourage improved safety standards in the future.

Irwin Mitchell Solicitors are currently corresponding with Norwegian Cruise liners and are urging anyone who has suffered from illness on board the Norwegian Spirit Cruise Liner to come forward.

Do you have a claim? If you or someone you know has been effected by Salmonella or any illness contracted on a cruise ship, at a hotel or on holiday, our solicitors can help. Visit our illness abroad compensation section.