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Accident at work leaves Sheffield woman scarred from fat burn

Burn at work from fat fryer splash


A Sheffield woman has been awarded £1,751.35 in an out of court settlement by her former employers after sustaining a significant splash burn leading to scarring caused by hot fat from a fryer.

Carol Allison, 46 of Elm Crescent, Mosborough in Sheffield suffered the injury whilst working as a Cook for Rother Valley Golf Centre based in Sheffield.

As part of her job, Ms Allison had to remove food from a fryer and was splashed up her forearm with hot fat from a fryer as she was trying to remove a burger from a basket containing hot fat using pincers.

Following her accident, Ms Allison was assisted by a colleague who applied cooling spray and gel to the burn area.

Burn at work a result of employer negligence

She said, "If I had been provided with long armed gloves then the fat from the basket would not have splashed me. Instead, I have had to endure a very painful injury that has left me with scarring to my forearm."

Her payout was secured with the help from Laura Scotford of Personal Injury experts Irwin Mitchell, based at the firm's Riverside Offices in Sheffield.

She said, "The injuries sustained by Ms Allison came as a direct result of her employer failing to provide suitable personal protective equipment and failing to ensure that all work equipment used by employees was suitable for the job in hand. It is every employers responsibility to ensure employees are provided with a safe environment to work in."

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