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Woman Cleared Of Glass Attack Wins Settlement Against Negligent Solicitors

Professional negligence compensation claim


Today 12 April 2006, Michelle Moore from Prestwich was awarded a substantial settlement from Manchester based solicitors, Betesh Fox & Co following a professional negligence claim she launched against the law firm.

Twenty eight year old Moore was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned in 2002 for attacking a fellow night clubber with glass in Manchester's Square Club.

In January 2003 Michelle took her case to the Court of Appeal where her conviction was quashed. The Court of Appeal was highly critical of Michelle's defence team and their failure to properly instruct counsel and file an appropriate alibi notice in accordance with Michelle's instructions.

Moore represented by Manchester based professional negligence solicitors Irwin Mitchell brought the case against Betesh Fox & Co.

Successful professional negligence claim

Commenting on today's result she said: This win marks the end of a very traumatic period for me, the settlement is a brilliant result but no amount of money will compensate me for what happened. I was innocent when everyone thought I was guilty. My life was turned upside down and I hold Betesh Fox & Co to blame for my wrongful conviction. If it was not for the support of my family and friends I would not have coped. I hope that I can now start to enjoy my life again and put the terrible experience behind me. Irwin Mitchell have been fantastic and I thank them for the result.

Professional negligence solicitor

Moore's professional negligence solicitor Adam Draper from Irwin Mitchell commented: My client served seven weeks in prison for a crime she did not commit. She suffered the indignity, humiliation and loss of reputation of being wrongfully convicted. We are delighted with today's settlement.

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