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Top Sheffield lawyer elected as new president of PEOPIL

Leading Sheffield lawyer



A leading Sheffield lawyer has been elected president of The Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL).

John Pickering, one of the UK's foremost specialists in the field, based at national law firm, Irwin Mitchell's offices in Riverside, Sheffield, replaces outgoing president John Price, who has held the position since PEOPIL was created in 1997.

PEOPIL was established by European lawyers to improve and promote co-operation and communication between European jurisdictions in the field of personal injury. It recognises that the issues involved in personal injury litigation often extend beyond the national boundaries and often require knowledge from an international perspective.

Mr Pickering said: "I am honoured to accept the presidency of PEOPIL, an organisation that is now playing an increasing role in the development of European law.

"The organisation represents the responsible face of litigation, initiating dialogue between European lawyers which in turn enables them to share best practice. By encouraging an open flow of communication we have the opportunity to learn from experiences in different countries, gaining valuable knowledge and sharing ideas.

"The object of PEOPIL is to play a significant role in educating people, providing a better level of access to the different processes of the member jurisdictions."

PEOPIL, which was originally formed in 1997 with 80 members, now has over 500 members in over 40 jurisdictions.

Mr Pickering said: "During my time as president it is my intention to develop membership still further, A substantial part of our local law comes from the European Commission and Parliament with which PEOPIL works on a regular basis.

"We frequently make representations to the European Commission regarding the law on issues such as health and safety at work and the motor directives. Engaging at European level is fundamental and the more lawyers understand and contribute the better."

Mr Pickering will be supported in his new role by continuing vice president Bas Baljet of Dutch law firm Tanger.