Planning For Your Future

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to reassess our lives in many ways.

If you're thinking about your future, Watch our recent webinar or read our guide to learn what you can do today to start planning for later life. 

Our new survey with YouGov finds that many people are still underprepared for retirement and later life. We can help you take control of life's uncertainties and plan ahead to get the most out of your golden years.

Key findings

Do you know when you can retire?

38% of people aged 55 and over don't know how much income they need to be able to retire.

Do you have a plan?

A fifth of people aged 55 and over have made no retirement plans at all, despite state pension age being on the horizon.

Has your outlook changed?

The pandemic has been a life-changing event, but even this hasn't changed attitudes towards retirement planning among our survey respondents.

What are you waiting for?

People are waiting for major life milestones such as marriage and childbirth to sort out their financial planning.

Have you thought about funding for future care?

One in four people would accept higher taxes to fund later life care but the majority have no clue what policies would help them save for later life care.

Have you taken professional advice?

Our survey found that 64% of over 55's who plan on retiring hadn't take legal or financial advice.

Thinking about the family?

If you're married or have children, you're more likely to have planned for your future.

Do you have a lockdown nest egg?

One in three people aged 40+ saved more than usual during lockdown. 25% of these people plan to spend the savings on a holiday rather than prepare for the future.

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We have a wide range of services to help you plan for your future, from tax planning to powers of attorney. See our Planning For Later Life section for more information about how our experts can support you.