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Lawyers and charity StrongMen launch legal partnership to support men going through bereavement

As lawyers we frequently represent the bereaved, we are the ones who the bereaved share their story with and their devastation following the loss of a loved one. 

The bereavement might have been sudden or unexpected, be as a result of an accident, medical negligence or something else, but whatever the cause, we appreciate that our clients can experience a wide range of feelings of sadness, loss, anger, and confusion. 

As well as trying to find a path through their sometimes very raw emotions, they might also need support through an inquest process or litigation in order to be provided with the answers they deserve. 

It cannot be underestimated how important it is for lawyers to understand our clients’ bereavement journey, grief is personal as is the way in which people try to navigate their loss and pain. Of course, grief can also begin before death too, when a client becomes aware that someone has a terminal diagnosis. 

As lawyers, to support our clients when they are at their most vulnerable, we receive training to educate us in working with those who are bereaved. However, we also understand that what helps our clients the most is peer-to-peer support, where people use their own lived experience to enable others. It is for this very reason that we sign-post our clients to charities who can provide such support. 

StrongMen charity supports men through the grief process 

Grief is a universal experience that affects men as much as anyone else, although each individual may have a unique way of dealing with it. It is noteworthy that men are often less inclined to seek support when grieving, which is also true for mental health issues. 

Many men choose to grieve privately, which may be a reflection of their personal disposition, particularly if they are naturally more reserved. Additionally, factors such as societal expectations to suppress emotions or concerns about imposing their grief on others can contribute to their preference for keeping their grief to themselves.

StrongMen offer peer-to-peer support for men who are bereaved, providing them with a safe space to connect with others who have shared experiences.  They also offer a unique experience for groups of bereaved men to attend weekend retreats, to submerse themselves in outdoor activities, wrapped in an open environment to talk should they want or need to. 

Irwin Mitchell and StrongMen partnership

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be working with StrongMen, and the benefits that our new relationship will bring for our clients and colleagues. By working together, we shall raise awareness of how bereavement impacts upon so many lives, the importance of how we communicate with those who are bereaved, and of course why we should all be talking about grief. 

Through our partnership with StrongMen, we have already started to deliver bespoke training for their dedicated and passionate volunteers and look forward to working with them at the Irwin Mitchell National Bereavement Conference 2024. 

Efrem Brynin, CEO StrongMen says: ”We are delighted to be working with Irwin Mitchell as our exclusive legal partners. Often the need for legal advice and guidance is overlooked after losing a loved one, we can offer guidance and signposting through our partnership.”

Find out more about Irwin Mitchell's expertise in supporting people following the loss of a loved one on our website.