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Ayse Ince

Associate Solicitor
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I joined the Irwin Mitchell Manchester office in 2010 when I qualified as a solicitor. 

My background is psychology: I completed my BSc and MSc in health psychology. I had also previously worked for pharmaceutical companies, and as post-graduate researcher I worked with patients with chronic diseases, devising a model for psychological treatment. 

I work on a wide range range of cases, but with my passion for and interest in mental health, this has naturally led me to develop a niche area relating to clinical negligence and Human Rights Act claims that have resulted in suicide, post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health illnesses. 

I also have a keen interest in claims arising out of delays in diagnosing and treating cancer, and representing families at inquests (including those where Article 2 is engaged). 

What Inspired You To Get Into Law?

Pursuing a career in clinical negligence has enabled me to use my experience and background in psychology. It has given me a good understanding of mental health conditions, and helps me appreciate the torment that some individuals with mental health illness experience.  

What Is The Most Rewarding Aspect Of Your Role? 

Clients who need our help have often already been through the most devastating events and experiences. Whilst we can never undo the past, sometimes we can make the future seem a little brighter. 

I take pleasure in supporting my clients, whether that is offering a shoulder to lean on during an inquest, ensuring that we secure funding to implement the best care package at home following an injury, or more importantly, getting an apology from the doctors or nurses who were involved in the negligent care.  

What Do You Like About Working At Irwin Mitchell?

Everyone at Irwin Mitchell has the same goal, which is to put our clients first. It is motivating and inspiring to work within a team where everyone cares so much about the well-being of clients.  

What Do You Do Away From The Office? 

I love spending time with my partner, friends and family, we are all "foodies" at heart so we enjoy trying different cuisines, and travelling to experience new cultures and tastes! 

I am quite active and enjoy running, hiking, skiing, and until more recently, playing hockey.


"Always responds quickly" - Legal 500, 2019

Clients say "She has a lot of empathy and she listens, too. She has a lot of compassion, and she goes above and beyond to reassure you." - Chambers & Partners, 2018

"I received a very friendly and compassionate service from the team - I always thought the service was very good, professional and informative." - Kevin Atkins, Client

"Ayse Ince and her team have been absolutely wonderful throughout my claim and kept me informed every step of the way. Thoughtful, caring and understanding, I would highly recommend Irwin Mitchell, thank you." - Jimmy H, Client

"The service supplied by Irwin Mitchell was excellent and I have no issues with any part of my experience. Ayse Ince and her team were thorough with explanations and sympathetic to my ordeal I cannot thank her enough." - Mrs Casson, Client

"Ayse has been totally efficient and professional throughout, in particular being very compassionate to the circumstances of the loss of our mother. Her open and swift communications have been excellent. She has been available and contactable at all stages, always accepting our feedback. Thank you Ayse." - Mr Morley, Client

"Ayse has very good ‘people skills’ and I felt able to discuss with her some very upsetting experiences, on which the case was based. Despite the considerable length of time taken to reach a settlement, I was kept up-to-date with developments (or sometimes, lack of them!). I had confidence that Ayse was fully competent and motivated to reach a settlement. I would recommend to friends and colleagues." - Mr Glover, Client

"Ayse was excellent in everything she did, carrying out her meetings and telephone meetings at the highest possible standard. Her letters of correspondence were very informative, she is a true professional, so is an asset to the company." - Anonymous client

"Throughout the two years of knowing you I have become very comfortable and at ease with you. I have found that you consistently exceed expectations. I feel that you are honest hard working and very professional but most of all caring.” - Anonymous client

“Your company has been professional, knowledgeable and caring. In particular, we cannot praise and thank Ayse Ince enough, throughout she has been so supportive and shown such empathy towards us as a family. As a company you should feel so proud and lucky to have such a caring and professional employee.” - Client's mum

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  • 29/09/2017
    Parents Hope Inquest Will Provide Answers As To Why Baby Died At One-Day-Old After Mum In Labour Sent Home By Doctors

    Niamh’s death has left a huge hole in the lives of Jane and Iain. “While nothing can change what has happened to Niamh, we hope the inquest into her death will shed some light on the standard of care she and Jane received. “It is incredibly important that if the inquest identifies any failings Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust learns lessons so no parents have to suffer the pain Jane and Iain have.”

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  • 06/04/2017
    Family Demands Apology After Woman Dies Following 'Unnecessary Surgery'

    “This is an incredibly tragic case in which a patient went on to suffer months of horrific pain and medical complications as a result of surgery which simply should not have been carried out in the first place. “Our client is understandably hugely distressed by what has happened across the past few years and is desperate for both an apology from the trust involved and also some acknowledgement that the problems faced by Lisa will simply never be repeated. “While nothing can turn back the clock for Lisa, it is vital that the NHS demonstrates that steps have been taken to ensure lessons have been learned from this awful case.”

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  • 09/01/2017
    Theresa May’s Mental Health Care Commitment ‘Long Overdue’

    “Children and young people are suffering more and more from mental ill-health and it is crucial that we tackle this issue nationally and across all age groups, which makes today’s speech both long overdue and hugely significant. “We welcome plans to tackle the subject head on in our schools to teach the youth of today that it is important to communicate and speak out to help break the stigma that plagues our society. “However, funding for mental health services are being cut continuously both in hospitals and in the community which has devastating consequences, causing our most vulnerable to feel even more isolated. Family members are unsupported, unheard and left caring for their loved one with often very little support and no access to crisis intervention. So whilst today’s words from Theresa May are welcome, what we haven’t seen is an increase in resources for the number of beds that we need in specialist mental health units, nor an increase in staff numbers that we need in hospitals and in the community, or an answer to the desperate funding crisis for training. “It’s so sad to see time after time at inquests that suicides could have been avoided but for the lack of resources and or training in staff. People with the most complex mental ill health are often cared for by those who aren’t qualified or not appropriately trained and it is left to our voluntary sectors and families to pick up the pieces. “Whilst online therapy will help whilst people are waiting to see specialists, this is going to be devastating for those who need urgent care and who are in crisis. “We need more funding to create a better national service so there are well-resourced units with staff who understand mental health so that our patients are safe, so that risk assessments are done correctly and so that on discharge the vulnerable have metaphorical stabilisers to help them cope in the community. “Today’s society and the influence of social media would suggest that no subject is taboo but sadly this isn’t true – there still remains a stigma around mental health. Many people simply don’t understand how complex an illness it can be, and the huge and potentially devastating impact it has on an individual, their family and friends. “This needs to change and hopefully we will look back on today’s speech as steps in the right direction.”

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  • 08/12/2016
    Settlement After Elderly Lady Dies Following Delays In Cancer Diagnosis

    “This is a tragic case in which an elderly lady was not diagnosed until it was too late to treat her cancer. Had she been diagnosed back in 2010, some two years before her death, the cancer would have been smaller and able to be treated. As a result of the delay in diagnosis Mary’s life was unnecessarily cut short causing both her and her family immense distress over a couple of years. “It is crucial that any form of cancer is caught as early as possible so that the treatment possibilities are maximised. Mary’s family now hope that the GP will now learn from these issues to reduce the risk of future delays in diagnosis of cancer in future.”

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