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Medical negligence lawyer instructed to investigate Sciensus chemotherapy dosage concerns

The private pharmaceutical company Sciensus, based in England, is under investigation after inspectors from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) found “significant deficiencies”, with manufacturing a cancer drug. 

Although only affecting a small group of patients, this is a concerning incident which has impacted upon patient safety

According to The Guardian, Sciensus was manufacturing an unlicensed chemotherapy drug called Cabazitaxel. The drug is used to treat prostate cancer patients. Sciensus made a dosing error affecting four patients. The version of the drug administered to the patients was different to the licensed product available and therefore were classed as unlicensed medicines when they were manufactured by Sciensus. Sadly, one patient died, and three patients were hospitalised following the incident according to the reports of the incident I have read. 

Lawyers asked to investigate Sciensus legal case

I'm now instructed to investigate a legal claim arising from the incident. The family have experienced a very distressing ordeal as a result of the dosing error. 

There has been a significant investigation conducted by the MHRA into the incident. 

This led to the partial suspension of Sciensus’ licence to manufacture new drugs. Last year the MHRA extended this partial suspension until July 2024. 

What Sciensus has said

In a statement, Sciensus confirmed an “isolated incident” had “affected four patients” and that it was “deeply saddened” that one of them had died. Sciensus offered its “sincere condolences” to the family and friends of the patient who died. 

Following the MHRA's decision to partially suspend their license, a Sciensus spokesperson said: “As soon as the incident was discovered, we identified the issue and immediately advised the MHRA. The MHRA has conducted an inspection and partially suspended our new product set-up. This does not affect existing products, which will continue as normal.”

The need to uphold patient safety

This is a very concerning incident which has impacted on patient safety. It's important that the error is investigated thoroughly, and lessons learned to prevent issues like this arising in the future. 

As a specialist medical negligence solicitor, I sadly see the devastating consequences families have to deal with following patient safety incidents

If issues are identified during the course of the MHRA investigation, my hope is that appropriate measures are taken to uphold patient safety and ensure lessons are learned to prevent the problem arising again.

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