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Help for holidaymakers if you suffer illness at a resort abroad

In the past few years many people have experienced an upheaval to travel plans.  Whether it was postponing or cancelling an annual family holiday, honeymoon or even a destination wedding, travellers have been impacted in some way as a result of restrictions imposed due to the pandemic.

Following the easing of restrictions, many holidaymakers have jetted off for a well-earned and much needed break in sunnier climes. However, this step towards normality has seen a resurgence in other difficulties faced by holidaymakers.

The specialist International Serious Injury Team at Irwin Mitchell have been approached by hundreds of holidaymakers returning from abroad seeking legal advice where things have gone wrong.  This includes people who've suffered serious illnesses overseas, including gastric infections caused by legionella, salmonella, e-coli to name a few.

As a result, they've been sorely disappointed and left dealing with debilitating symptoms which can have long-term consequences.  

Our previous article on cruise ships offers tips on what to do if you fall ill.  Many of these also apply when staying in a hotel or resort abroad, such as reporting it, seeking medical advice and getting tested.  

It's also important to:

  • Take contact details of other impacted guests

If you're aware of others in the hotel or resort that have suffered similar symptoms or have similar complaints relating to the health and hygiene standards, take their contact details as this may assist you in the case of any claim.

  • Take photographic or video evidence

Evidence of poor health and hygiene will help where the resort claims to be following health and hygiene regulations.

For more holidaying advice, visit our dedicated 'Safe Travels This Summer' section on our website.