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'Boot Camp' initiative to tackle hospitality staff shortages: Irwin Mitchell's expert shares support with reservations

I broadly welcome the government's proposed hospitality ‘boot camp’ initiative, however it's worth noting that the term ‘boot camp’ may have negative connotations and the government would be better off choosing a more inspirational name for the program.

This scheme does however have the potential to address the significant number of vacancies in the UK's pubs and bars, while also providing much-needed employment opportunities for those who have been economically inactive during the pandemic. By equipping job centre candidates with basic hospitality skills, such as food preparation and safety, we can help them transition seamlessly into roles within this industry.

From an employment law perspective, it is vital that proper training and support is provided to ensure that participants are fully prepared for the challenges and responsibilities they will face in the workplace. This includes understanding their rights and obligations as employees, as well as the legal requirements and expectations that come with working in the hospitality sector.

That being said, considering the immense job shortages across the sector and the heightened impact during the summer months, it would have been preferable for the government to propose and implement this scheme earlier. A more timely introduction could have provided a much-needed boost to the hospitality industry at a critical time, helping businesses to recover more quickly from the effects of the pandemic.

Nevertheless, if implemented effectively, this pilot scheme still has the potential to not only boost employment rates but also contribute to the growth and success of the hospitality industry as we emerge from the challenges of the pandemic.

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The Government is plotting hospitality “boot camps” to get unemployed people back to work and help the nation’s pubs and bars fill over 100,000 vacancies....”