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Call for lessons to be learned after Birmingham hospital terminated healthy baby after mistaking it for sickly twin

by Jade Elliott-Archer, medical negligence solicitor

A report on NHS hospitals in England has indicated that a healthy baby was aborted at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust after it was mistaken for its poorly twin. 

The mother-to-be had made the difficult decision to abort the sick baby due to concerns about restricted growth which placed both babies lives at risk, but instead a grave error resulted in the healthy sibling being terminated.

The hospital trust have admitted that “a fatal error occurred.”

700 incidents at hospitals nationwide leading to deaths

It has been reported that the case is one of 700 incidents leading to avoidable death which have been uncovered by a Freedom of Information Act survey.

Lessons need to be learned

It is now vital that the hospital trusts involved undertake full investigations into how such errors were allowed to occur. 

It is of huge concern to hear about the scale of potentially avoidable deaths occurring in NHS hospitals. Behind each reported incident is a family who has lost a love one and such avoidable loss can devastate the lives of those family members who remain. 

It is vital that thorough investigations are carried out in order to ensure that lessons are learned and patients and their families are protected against any similar incidents arising in the future.

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Doctors at hospital in Birmingham terminated healthy baby after mistaking it for its sickly twin who also died, report reveals”