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Barwell hints at further development land tax in housing white paper

In a speech at the London Property Summit last week, Housing Minister, Gavin Barwell, indicated that the development industry's complaints about CIL might not be being heard in government. 

Despite the CIL Review Board, headed by Liz Peace, having been widely reported as concluding that CIL is not meeting its policy objectives (links at bottom of post) - Barwell appears to be looking at reforming the system in order ensure that the government can continue to recover a percentage of planning gain from development. 

The CIL Review Report has been with DCLG for some time now; although we will not get to see its recommendations until the government's response is published in the 'Housing White Paper' - which is expected later this month. 

Whilst I continue to hope that the conclusions of the Review will lead to a more workable, less unfair, system for funding infrastructure than the current iteration of CIL - Barwell's latest comments are not reassuring. 


Speaking at the London Property Summit last week, housing minister Gavin Barwell said ...

“Can we try to find a system that ensures developers pay a contribution from the uplift in value they get from planning permission that helps pay for the vital infrastructure we need to make new housing acceptable, but at the same time avoids conflict and avoids making schemes we want to see go ahead unviable.”
Asked whether he was suggesting a beefed up version of CIL that would take in planning gain, Barwell said he did not want to “leak the contents of the [housing] white paper”, due later this month.

But he added: “We want to try to reform the system in a way that captures a contribution towards the infrastructure we need, but de-conflicts the system.””