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A Zero Sum game?

If life is a "zero sum game", then this does not explain how economic growth happens. Some will tell you that this is only because what we see is an illusion, and in calculating growth, we omit some of the costs, which is why there is a growing demand for economists to value things such as amenity, landscape and the like, and to take into account the costs of pollution, depletion of resources and similar "hidden" items.

However, be that as it may, according to I&PE, while some are suffering because of the uncertainties (and some of the certainties!) of the Brexit vote, others are looking around for the opportunities that a falling pound brings, exploiting the differential brought  to currencies by differing national economic performance and outlook. Dollar denominated funds are circling like vultures, it seems. Carrion eaters are all part of the "Circle of Life" as the Lion King has it....

A slowdown in transactional activity, Brexit fallout and the suspension of several UK property funds could create opportunity for dollar-denominated opportunistic investors.With the full impact of the growing number of fund freezings unknown, it is likely there will be winners and losers – the former could be those with significant undeployed capital and an eye on potential opportunities, encouraged by a weak pound.Starwood Capital, expected to achieve a first close on its latest global opportunistic fund, sees Brexit as a potential reason to consider UK property.Kristen Varela, portfolio manager of real estate for New Mexico PERA, which committed $75m to the fund, said Starwood has been following the Brexit situation in the UK “for the past six months”.”