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Someone out there likes our real estate

Savills, reported in EGi, the online news service of Estates Gazette are predicting a bumper year for foreign investment in non-domestic property outside London, which , with the figures in London show that someone, at least thinks that the UK property market is not yet gong to fall off a cliff. Interestingly enough, along with the South East, Scotland is one of the most popular regions, so the so-called "nationalist threat" isn't putting people off. And here in the South East, there are lots of consumers with money in their pockets to go to all of these retail and leisure outlets. High yield and high growth are the drivers...

Non-domestic real estate investment outside London will reach a record high of £14bn by the end of 2015, predicts Savills.
Some £10.5bn was purchased in real estate outside the capital by international investors in the first eight months of 2015; Savills predicts this will rise to £14bn by the end of the year – the highest volume since it started collecting data in 2000.”