Fully Comprehensive Will Writing Service

This service is aimed at people who would like the reassurance that their will has been reviewed by one of our legal professionals. It is nearer to the traditional Will Writing process that people may be more familiar with.

Under this service you will be able to access our will writing software for up to 48 hours immediately after you have made your purchase.

During this period you are able to make small changes to your Will. At the end of this 48 hour period your Will is "frozen". Our team of legal professionals will then review your Will via our online system.

If there is any part of the Will which causes them concern, they will contact you to discuss your wishes. They will then provide you with a draft Will which you access by returning to the Will Writing website.

When you are required to review your draft will and make sure it accurately reflects your wishes. At this point you also have a further opportunity to let us know of any last minutes changes that we need to make.

Once you have approved your draft Will; our team will print and bind the approved version. Your bound Will, a copy and the easy to follow signing guide will all be sent to you in the post. You are then responsible for ensuring your Will is signed and witnessed correctly.