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Be Part Of It

Don't Quit, Do It

There are 12 million people with disabilities in the UK but only one in six takes part in sport regularly and we want this to change.

Due to the work we do with people who have suffered life changing injuries, as well as those who support and care for them, we recognise the psychological, social and rehabilitative benefits that physical activity and playing sport can have.

Our 'Don’t Quit, Do It' campaign showcases the many benefits of sport in helping people recover from serious injuries and other major traumas in their lives and now with the launch Be Part Of It you can show your support by pledging today.

In the two years since we launched 'Don’t Quit, Do It', we’ve worked with many amazing inclusive and disability sports clubs, and events, in a bid to make sport for all accessible and now we need your help.

Pledge now

Thousands of truly brilliant people across the UK already work tirelessly to make disability sport possible, despite many challenges, and it’s time to showcase and celebrate how great you are.

If you already work as a volunteer at a disability sports team or you take your child training then we want to hear your pledge – tell us how you’re a part of it.

If you’re new to this but want to get involved then the options available are endless. You can play a sport, watch a sport or support a sport in a variety of ways, but whatever you do, please share it will us by pledging today

Our partners

This year we’re the Official Legal Services Provider of the World Para Athletics Championships in London and we’re supporting two of the UK’s biggest mass participation inclusive events, Superhero Series and Parallel London, to help celebrate the ability in disability.

We have also partnered up with disability clubs from around the UK who are all proud to be a part of it and are hoping to see more people playing their sport than ever before.

If you already work with one of the clubs and organisations we support or would like to then pledge to support them now. You can find out more information about them here:

Don’t Quit, Do It – together we can make a difference.