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Halle Johnson-Rose

Meet Halle

Halle faced a challenging start to life after nerves in her neck were damaged at birth. The damage caused Erb’s palsy, a condition limiting movement in Halle’s right arm and hand.

Her family asked our medical negligence lawyers to help claim compensation to help Halle with the care she’d need for the rest of her life. The compensation she got allowed Halle be more independent and concentrate on her love of sport.

No Limits

Sport has played an important role in Halle’s rehabilitation. She’s a keen horse rider and swimmer and competed in our Superhero Series Triathlon event. Her favourite sport, however, is karate.

Halle has done karate for many years and competed in many competitions. The sport keeps her fit and gives her arm good exercise. The physical nature and discipline also help her express herself with confidence.

"Halle is a true inspiration who, even at such a young age, has always shown a determination to never let anything hold her back. Her love of sport is fantastic and she truly embodies the spirit of our Don’t Quit, Do It campaign." – Julianne Moore, partner and serious injury solicitor

A Bright Future

Away from sport, Halle studies hard at school and continues to improve the movement in her right arm. Her positive attitude shows nothing will prevent her from achieving her dreams.

“I am focused and determined to improve the movement in my arm as much as I can and sport has already helped so much. Keeping fit and active has made a massive difference to my life and shown me that there is no limit to what I can achieve.” - Halle

Don't Quit, Do It

Twelve million people in the UK have a disability but only one in six takes part in sport regularly. We want this to change.

Our work with people who have suffered life-changing injuries means we recognise the many benefits that physical activity and sport can have. Don’t Quit, Do It showcases how sport helps people recover from serious injuries and other major traumas in their lives.

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