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Serviceman Claims Compensation After Serious Car Accident While Off-Duty

Our Military Injury solicitors in Southampton helped a chef serving in the Royal Logistics Corps secure a £180,000 settlement after he was injured in a road traffic accident.

Luke* was coming back from a local shop with his colleague when the accident happened. The pair was in a Toyota Land Cruiser and Luke’s colleague was driving at about 80mph.

Luke’s colleague needed to take a slip road to get to their destination but he couldn’t slow down the car in time to make the turn. The car hit a sand mound and flew 20-30 metres into the air before landing and rolling over multiple times.

The passenger side of the car was crushed but Luke managed to free himself and get out the car. Once he was out, he immediately collapsed.

Luke’s back was badly damaged after the accident. He went to physiotherapy twice a week to help build up his strength again. Luke struggled to keep his fitness levels up which meant he was medically downgraded from his position in the military.

Luke’s injuries continued to affect his daily living. He couldn’t stay in the same position for long and he struggled to do basic activities with his young children.

Our military injury lawyers helped Luke make a claim against the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Luke’s injury meant he would struggle to progress any further in the military and he wanted to make sure he and his family wouldn’t have to worry about finances in future.

The MoD admitted responsibility for Luke’s accident and we negotiated a settlement of £180,000. This amount made sure Luke would get ongoing physiotherapy and medical treatment. The settlement would also be enough to compensate Luke for the impact his injury had on his quality of life, career prospects and family life.

“Luke’s injuries have changed his life in many ways and we’re pleased we could help him get some justice for what happened. His settlement will make sure he gets the ongoing treatment he needs while also helping his family live comfortably.” – Irwin Mitchell Solicitor

If you or a loved one have suffered in an accident while in the military our solicitors could help you claim compensation. No matter if you were on or off-duty, we’ll discuss your situation to see if we can help. Contact us today on 0370 1500 100 or send us an email.

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