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Negligent Hysterectomy Leads To Ureter Damage

Solicitors at Irwin Mitchell have assisted a woman called Connie to claim compensation from the hospital and surgeon that performed a hysterectomy which left her with Ureter damage.

Connie had experienced fibroids, heavy periods and endometriosis for many years and after investigation, it was found that her ovaries were stuck to her abdominal wall. Connie had also experienced chronic anaemia due to her heavy periods and was advised that a laparoscopic hysterectomy should be performed. The operation was carried out by her consultant gynaecologist, Mr Malcolm Padwick.

Following the keyhole procedure, Connie was in excruciating pain, was constantly vomiting and lost a lot of blood. She also had blood in her urine and was leaking fluid from her vagina but was told that she probably had an infection and was discharged from the hospital.

The next day, Connie was so unwell she was taken to the Accident and Emergency department at Watford General Hospital by ambulance. She was admitted then left in bed for an extended period of time where she continued to leak fluid from her vagina. After some hours, Connie was finally seen by a doctor who said that she probably had damaged a tube from her kidney but provided no treatment plan.

Connie’s pain worsened and she requested stronger pain relief. Connie’s body was contracting in uncontrollable waves and she was continuing to leak fluid. After a further examination, Connie was told that she had to go to theatre immediately to have open surgery to find out what was causing her symptoms.

Following the procedure, Connie was told that her ureter had been damaged during the hysterectomy and this was the reason for the fluid loss. Connie also noticed that after this operation, she had developed a lump near her navel which she pointed out but was ignored by the medical personnel. Several weeks later, she was advised that the lump was a collection of blood which would break down itself but it was later diagnosed as a hernia.

Connie had to be readmitted to hospital a few days later due to problems with her catheter. She had a CT scan and was told by her GP that there were pockets of fluid and gas in her abdomen. Following an internal examination, Connie’s pain and bladder control worsened; her emergency GP diagnosed a kidney infection and fever. Following treatment for this, Connie’s bladder remains inflamed.

Emma Rush, a specialist clinical negligence Solicitor, investigated Connie’s case against both Mr Padwick and the Watford General Hospital. A significant five figure settlement was achieved.

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of surgical negligence, we may be able to help you claim compensation. See our Medical Negligence Guide for more information.

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