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As one of the leading UK Real Estate practices we regard it as important to keep track of occupier trends and to see how our clients and other businesses feel about the properties they occupy, where they want to be located, what plans they have for the future and how happy they are with the current legislative framework.

Following on from our previous surveys, our spring 2016 survey canvassed the views of senior decision makers at over 250 companies across the UK.

Just before we published our results, the UK voted to leave the European Union and so we have just revisited nearly a third of our original sample to see what impact this decision has made on businesses’ individual property plans.

In addition, we asked businesses their approach to taking on new space, views on the rental market and where they see the growth to be. We also analysed their attitudes to the office environment and how important this is in keeping employees happy; their views on airport expansion and the role of regional mayors.

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