Our legal toolkits help organisations get set up for agile, flexible, or hybrid working, with all the resources you need to make the switch. Get template letters, contractual clauses and policies written by our employment lawyers for as little as £540.

Attitudes towards home working have changed – perhaps forever – after COVID-19 restrictions saw many office-based staff work from home during the pandemic.

Some workers are keen to get back to working in their office. But many don't want to be tied to their workplace, five days a week, when they've shown that can work perfectly well away from it.

Organisations are having a major rethink about how they want their workplaces to function in the long term. Many are considering introducing agile and hybrid working patterns to give staff the option of combining working from home with going into the office.

Our toolkits are designed to help you make the switch yourself. 

What Is Agile Working?

Agile or hybrid working can mean different things to different organisations. Broadly, the terms cover a range of working arrangements that lets staff work when, how and where they like. That could mean working from home some of the time and in the office at other times. 

Agile working can significantly improve wellbeing and work/life balance for many employees, and it can help them better manage childcare and other responsibilities.

As people have become accustomed to these benefits, many employers now find that offering agile or hybrid working helps them attract new talent. Others are taking advantage of new ways of working to reduce overheads such as office rental.

Agile working does come with complications – and not just for employment law. It can also have implications for data protection, insurance, health and safety, and more. Agile working often crosses over with flexible working, which can bring up extra considerations too.

It’s vital to have legal support before going ahead with the switch to agile working so you can be sure that you have all the bases covered.

Our specialist employment lawyers have put together agile/hybrid working and flexible working toolkits to give you that support. You’ll get everything you need to put robust policies in place and avoid legal difficulties, all in one cost-effective package.

Our toolkits

Agile/hybrid working toolkit

We've designed a practical toolkit to help organisations plan for and embed agile or hybrid working, for all or some of their staff. It contains:

  • A detailed checklist of issues to consider before deciding on and implementing a policy
  • A precedent agile/hybrid working policy which you can adapt for your organisation
  • Precedent contractual clauses covering:
    • Changes to working arrangements
    • Data protection
    • Insurance
    • Expenses
    • Health and safety, and more
  • Letter to staff introducing the hybrid working policy and explaining how to apply
  • FAQs explaining some of the trickier issues, such as where is the employee’s official place of work.

At only £540, the toolkit means you can benefit from the expertise of one of the UK’s leading employment law teams at an exceptional price. We’ll even give you your money back if you’re not entirely satisfied that the pack gives you value for money.

Flexible working toolkit

Agile and hybrid working often involves flexible working too, which has its own set of legal implications under the Employment Rights Act 1996.

Any employee who asks to work in an agile or hybrid way may, technically, also be making an application for flexible working.

To help explain how flexible working interacts with hybrid or agile models of working, we've produced another toolkit which contains:

  • Flexible working flowchart which explains what to do and the timescales that apply
  • Flexible working policy which you can adopt for your organisation
  • Guidance on flexible working and a suite of 13 letters to help you respond to requests
  • FAQs on flexible working and agile/hybrid working.

The flexible working toolkit costs £540. You can also buy both toolkits together for £840 - a saving of over £200.

If you're not entirely satisfied that these packs give you value for money, we'll give you a full refund.

 These toolkits are free of charge to our IMHRplus clients. Please speak to your usual advisor if you'd like copies.

How to purchase the toolkits

It couldn't be easier - all you need to do is email Jenny Arrowsmith

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