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Irwin Mitchell is widely regarded as the market leading provider of commoditised legal services in the UK with experience of managing and delivering large volume contracts.  While the firm has extensive knowledge of the insurance, banking and financial sectors it also provides volume services to a wide range of businesses and organisations within many other sectors including telecoms, retail and utilities.

We are one of the UK’s leading firms in the recoveries sector, the 5th largest litigation practice in the UK overall; and are acknowledged experts in lending recovery and associated litigation work.

While we carry out collections and recoveries work for many sectors (including utilities, telecoms and insurers), we are particularly strong on banking and financial related debt, servicing all areas of that sector including personal loans, credit cards, overdrafts, asset based lending (such as motor finance) and secured lending.

Our clients range from the major clearing banks and other household names to lenders who service the sub-prime sector but who do not hold banking licences.

Our service provides:

  • Complete reputational and brand protection
  • A fully integrated UK-wide service
  • Volume process management
  • Market leading technology
  • Proactive collection activity alongside litigation
  • Highly competitive costs
  • TCF compliance at all times
  • A unique debt scoring system that provides segmentation of cases into those which are most likely to produce a positive result from litigation now and those which are not

In addition, we have developed a recoveries solution that has already been successfully implemented by some insurers. The firm is able to deal with volume small value recoveries, as well as those of high value and complexity.