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Tougher economic conditions are bringing mounting pressure for organisations to reduce operating costs and drive greater efficiencies.  One way of cutting costs is to outsource volume legal work and processing that is currently undertaken within your own organisation.

Irwin Mitchell is widely regarded as the UK’s market leading provider of commoditised legal services with experience of managing and delivering large volume contracts.

Our experience in developing volume related solutions for large businesses and institutions means that we are ideally placed to offer businesses a specialist and highly tuned outsourcing service.

The service may be of particular interest to in-house lawyers or procurement managers who are looking to outsource work that has traditionally been done by their in-house legal teams or to business managers looking to streamline their internal operations through outsourcing volume processing.

By outsourcing elements of legal projects and/or legal processing, you should be able to substantially reduce overall costs. Aside from the savings, a further attraction is that outsourcing helps you to free up important management resources as well as removing the growing difficulty of recruiting and retaining good people to do routine work.

However we believe that outsourcing legal work is not an all or nothing phenomenon. To outsource effectively, it is important that you undertake a careful analyse of your business and its internal workings before you decide which, if any, of your existing business processes lend themselves to outsourcing and which do not. Today, many businesses are looking for a smart combination of outsourced and bespoke services under a single wrapper.

In addition, while we believe that the business case for outsourcing services is becoming increasingly compelling, we understand that there are risks and potential downsides that businesses must consider and address before committing to a programme of outsourcing.

These concerns range from loss of control to brand protection and management of quality and it is important that all interested parties should be comfortable that there are procedures and practices in place that ensure quality standards and achievement of agreed service levels will be met.

Our approach is to put together a team consisting of legal specialists, project managers, business analysts and IT programmers who will work with you, as a project team, to ascertain your specific requirements and develop and implement the required solution

Our outsourcing service has helped our clients to reduce operating costs and free up management resource while also ensuring the delivery of an enhanced service to their customers.

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If you are interested in understanding how Irwin Mitchell can help you with your Outsourcing work then please contact Sarah Riding (Partner) on +44 (0)121 203 5335, or send us an email.

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