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We recognise that the customer is now a far more sophisticated purchaser of legal services than they were as little as 5 years ago. They require ease of access through channels and times that are convenient for them.

Established in 2002, our Legal Advice Helpline is available on a 24/7 basis and currently deals with over 100,000 calls per year from over 350 different schemes on behalf of insurance companies, membership organisations and institutions.

Our Legal Advice Helpline is based in Sheffield and staffed by a dedicated team of legally qualified staff who are able to provide initial advice over a wide variety of areas.

Unlike other helplines that are offered by intermediaries, we believe that our service has the following benefits:

  • A team of legally trained staff who are able to provide clear and concise advice at the first call
  • The ability to transfer the caller into specialist departments within the firm if required
  • A service provided by a leading national law firm with the availability of all the resources of that firm
  • A customer journey enhanced by the development of new and innovative channels of delivery backed by a fully enabled communication centre and environment

The Legal Advice Helpline works to strict service levels that are monitored, measured and reported upon to ensure that our service standards are maintained.

When Sir David Clementi conducted his review of the Legal Services Marketplace in the UK he stated, inter alia, that his suggested changes "should also be accompanied by fresh ideas about how legal services might be provided in consumer friendly ways".

We believe that our Legal Advice Helpline provides the basis for our delivery of new consumer friendly legal services.