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Irwin Mitchell is the largest provider of commoditised legal services to the insurance and financial sectors and their customers in the UK, with extensive experience of managing and delivering large volume contracts. We have developed a range of high quality legal services to support the Insurance industry and their customers.

Back in the early 1990s we recognised that the insurance market was undergoing radical change, especially in relation to the relationships between insurers and their customers. Insurers had new products with legal expenses insurance attached and those new products needed a legal service that was of high quality, easily accessible and customer focused.

Our strategy, which we believe we have achieved, has been to establish ourselves as the largest provider of volume legal services to the insurance industry. The firm prides itself on its innovative approach to the provision of legal services to the insurance sector and believe that we are unique in our ability to differentiate ourselves through our ability to service large books of business to a high quality.

The implementation of this strategy has led to the introduction of refined working practices and the establishment of dedicated teams who work closely with insurers requiring volume legal services. These teams fully understand and have practical experience and knowledge of the insurance sector and have worked in partnership with leading high street insurance brands for many years.

Today, our insurance service now undertakes work on behalf of most of the major insurers and in the ever changing legal services market we believe that we can deliver the most robust and professional legal services offering in the UK.

Our service covers a wide variety of claims, including:

  • Road traffic
  • Property
  • Consumer
  • Contract

Irwin Mitchell’s extensive practical experience means that we possess a deep understanding of the insurance sector. We embrace new technologies to offer an innovative approach to the delivery of fully scalable legal services and processes to Insurers and their policyholders.

Our insurance teams pride themselves on their ability to service large books of business to the highest quality. By working to agreed service levels, Irwin Mitchell is able to deliver a service that properly complements the service that Insurers provide to their policyholders.

We also understand that insurers need a service that places great emphasis on quality and the customer journey. Our philosophy and case management platform have ensured that we have consistently provided this for many years.

We receive over 88,000 new referrals per annum from insurers/legal expense insurers to provide legal services to customers who have the benefit of a BTE/LEI policy.