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How we run our day to day operation in a responsible manner is a key part of Our Responsibility. Whether it is dealing with suppliers or clients, we believe that there is a right way to do business. We strive to go beyond our regulatory obligations to be an outstanding and yet different law firm.

Our approach is based on our ability to work with people and in combining our legal expertise with a genuinely supportive approach.

We are proud of our open and friendly culture and believe that everything we do should be governed by our values:

  • Responsiveness - Vital because one size does not fit all; we believe in tailoring our service to suit the requirements of our clients and responding to their needs.
  • Innovation - From developing unique products and services to pushing the boundaries of the law to ensure that we achieve the very best outcome for our clients, we offer a truly innovative service
  • Solutions - Rather than simply explaining the law; we aim to provide solutions that deliver real benefits to our clients
  • Value - Underpinning everything we do, we will always seek to provide you with outstanding value

Being a broad area, the way in which we approach our marketplace is driven by our Board, but also includes key support from our Business Management team.  

Overall our aims are:

  • To work with ethical, like minded organisations
  • To understand the key risks to our business and plan accordingly
  • Provide a service to our clients that exceeds their expectations

Supply Chain

We work hard to ensure that we work with like-minded suppliers who have high standards when it comes to ethics. Through a robust procurement policy we encourage our suppliers to share our social responsibility principles in order to build long term, successful relationships.


We have a fully established and cohesive Risk and Compliance governance function that effectively oversees our operations, headed up by our Director of Risk and Compliance, Lee Mulligan.  The key strands of this function are:

Risk And Business Continuity

We recognise that identifying, monitoring and mitigating business risks as far as possible is of key importance to us and our clients. Ensuring we have resilience in our services and the ability to react, no matter what happens ensures we will keep any disruption a minimum. Our Risk and Business Continuity Manager is responsible for engaging with local authorities, service providers, large external governing bodies (e.g. Health Protection Agency Pandemic Planning teams) and our clients to ensure that we are able to identify threats to our business and build Business Continuity strategies which will guide our actions and response during times of uncertainty and crisis.


We are regulated by the Solicitors' Regulation Authority and the Law Society of Scotland. Our dedicated expert Compliance team provides support to all areas of our business on all regulatory issues, for example, professional conduct, anti money laundering and data protection, from day to day queries to strategic issues.

Our staff receive regular training on regulatory issues including specialised anti money laundering training to help them protect our clients and our firm.

We take our regulatory responsibilities very seriously and the message that "getting it right" matters is cascaded throughout the firm from the Management Board and the Practice Area Heads through the Compliance Partners and the Risk and Compliance Group.

Client Care

Always putting clients first, we believe that outstanding client care and a quality legal service should always be the rule and not the exception.

We combine our experience and insight with our approachability and outstanding client care. By continually offering original solutions to legal issues and continually encouraging staff development, we aim to deliver the very best to our clients.

Good client care is integral to everything we do and our vision is to "exceed the expectations of every client". We seek to achieve this with our dedicated Client Care team who are always on hand to deal with client queries – both positive and negative.

Client satisfaction surveys are carried out across the firm to see where there are opportunities for further improvement and help us to recognise and reward examples of outstanding client care. All survey results are fed back to BIG and also to the Board, as well as to the teams.