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Our Environment

Irwin Mitchell continues to make a number of improvements with regards to green credentials. Like many organisations, we recognise that our activities can have an impact upon the environment at various levels and that it is our responsibility to promote a proactive approach to reducing this impact.

Leading this journey is the Operations Management Team. The team has published an environmental policy that outlines our approach and our aim to work with suppliers and contractors to ensure that their operations are consistent with ours in reducing any environmental impact.

Overall, our aims are:

  • To reduce the firm’s carbon footprint
  • Waste less, recycle more
  • Reduce business travel

Climate Change And Reducing Our Footprint

In 2008 Irwin Mitchell became a founder member of the Legal Sustainability Alliance.  This collaborative movement of law firms and the Law Society saw the firm make a commitment to measure and publish its carbon footprint, along with the other founding firms.

The firm measures and publishes its carbon footprint via the Legal Sustainability Alliance on an annual basis.

Download the 2018 LSA Annual Report.

Going forward we are committed to continuing to reduce this figure and to make these figures public. We are also committed to raising awareness about the Legal Sector Alliance and to encourage other firms to join.

We gained ISO 140001 certification in 2010 – this is an industry standard that means we’re constantly looking to identify ways to control our environmental impact and improve our performance.

Waste And Recycling

Irwin Mitchell is actively working towards reducing the amount of waste that we send to landfill by providing all of our offices with a range of recycling facilities. These facilities enable staff to recycle plastic, glass, cans, toner cartridges and paper.

In addition, we also recycle old or unwanted office furniture through a specialist supplier and obsolete IT equipment is disposed of in line with the required environmental legislation.

Green Offices

Where the firm has had the opportunity to relocate, we have looked to move to energy efficient buildings, for example, our Sheffield office was rated “excellent” using the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) criteria. Features such as auto sensing lights are incorporated in certain areas of the office to ensure that lights are not left on unnecessarily.

In addition, automatic power down of PCs across the firm at the end of the working day has greatly reduced power consumption. Another green IT strategy that is available across the Irwin Mitchell offices is the concept of Follow Me printing which enables users to pull off print jobs as they are ready to collect them from the printer. Not only does this have better security implications but also reduces the need for reprinting and reduces the amount of toner used.

Business Travel

All offices are equipped with video conferencing facilities which enable all offices to link into one another for multi-site meetings. All employees are encouraged to use either video or telephone conferencing where possible, thus reducing business travel. Where travel is unavoidable it is conducted by public transport and our offices are centrally located with good transport links in the cities we operate.

The majority of our offices have cycle racks/storage and showering facilities on site for employees who wish to use two wheels to commute to the office instead of four. We also have a car sharing scheme whereby employees can register their routes on the firm’s intranet and other employees can take advantage of car sharing.

The May Day Network

As members of Business in the Community, Irwin Mitchell is proud to be a member of the May Day network, the UK's largest group of businesses and organisations committed to collectively tackling climate change.

Our membership to this network signifies our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and our wider impact on the environment as a whole.