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How we deal with challenges makes us who we are.

Since our Don’t Quit, Do It campaign launched in 2015 we have been inspired by the role inclusive sport plays in the lives of thousands of people who have suffered serious injuries or illness.

These people refuse to be defined by their disability and instead use their ability as a beacon to showcase their talent, determination and belief. 12 million people in the UK have a disability but only one in six takes part in sport regularly. We want this to change and we’ve enlisted an amazing group to help us.

We know that everyone has a story and the latest phase of our campaign showcases incredible clients that love inclusive sport.

Sport gives them freedom and independence they didn’t know was possible and plays a huge part in their lives.

Read their stories and be inspired to create your own.


Ainsley was a 21-year-old student, just months into an architecture and property development course at the University of Wolverhampton when he was involved in a road traffic collision and suffered a spinal cord injury. We secured interim payments for Ainsley which enabled him to access a range of support after leaving hospital. Ainsley’s rehabilitation saw him take part in the Inter Spinal Unit Games, an event which allows people with a spinal injury to sample a range of different sports and meet other people in a similar position.

He first tried rowing at a local club last year and he hasn’t looked back. Ainsley loves being on the water and the sense of freedom and responsibility that it gives him. He would also like to try other inclusive activities in the future, including wheelchair basketball, to help with his rehabilitation.

“It was so hard coming to terms with my injuries, but sport has assisted with my recovery and opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities.”



Issy was a 19-year-old student loving life at the University of Exeter when she was seriously injured in a road traffic collision, which caused a life changing spinal cord injury. The support we secured for Issy helped her move into adapted accommodation which had enough space for her to receive further physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Issy was a keen runner, javelin champion and talented hockey player before her injuries, so she saw no need to give up her passion for sport. After trying a number of sports she fell in love with two – wheelchair rugby and shooting.

Both the team spirit and the contact element of wheelchair rugby really appealed to her, with the intensity of the sport never failing to provide her with a major adrenaline rush. Her second sport, shooting, was such a success that she went on to represent Team GB at the Rio Paralympics in 2016 and is targeting Tokyo in 2020.

“Before my injury I knew I needed sport, now I know I can’t live without it.”



Halle faced a challenging start to life after she suffered an injury during birth; nerves in her neck were damaged which led to her being diagnosed with Erb’s palsy. The support our experts secured for Halle, both now and in the future, meant she could focus on her love of inclusive activity. Sport has played an important role in Halle’s rehabilitation throughout her life. While she is a keen horse rider and swimmer, her true love is karate.

She has been having lessons for over seven years and has competed in a range of competitions, with the discipline and physical nature of martial arts offering her an ideal way to express herself.

“I am determined to improve the movement in my arm as much as I can and sport has already helped so much.”

Don't Quit, Do It

You can read about our clients Luke, Ed, and Sophie and our ambassadors Hannah Cockroft MBE and Alfie Hewett at irwinmitchell.com/DQDI

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