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Spinal cord and other serious injuries such as amputation and orthopaedic can cause huge disruption to the lives of both the injured individual and their loved ones.

At Irwin Mitchell we appreciate the dramatic and sometimes life changing impact these injuries can have on people and their families. We pride ourselves on making a real difference and helping our clients to regain their independence. Irwin Mitchell has partnered with JS Parker, a leading specialist in brain and spinal injury case management and rehabilitation, to explore the changes that may be required to a home if someone has a serious injury that results in them becoming a wheelchair user - some, or all of the time.

While major structural and furnishing changes in a property may be required, many aspects of a property can stay the same, ensuring that a person remains in their current home and can live as independently as possible.

These adaptations* are designed to enable the disabled individual post-injury to live a life with as much independence as possible. The home environment should be easy to navigate and make day-to-day life comfortable, which will improve work, rest and leisure activities as well as family life. Visit our website to explore our interactive house. You can also read about our client David Holmes and see how we’ve been able to create a home for him that allows him to live independently.

Great Adaptations and an interview with David Holmes was recently featured in The Sunday Times Home magazine.

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*Please note that these adaptations are purely for demonstration purposes and any adaptations and modifications to a home or new house are assessed on an individual basis and tailored specifically to the person’s current and future requirements.