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Ascent Contact (part of Ascent Collections Ltd), the specialist investigation and field based arrears mediation team, has grown significantly over the last 18 months. We currently process circa 2000 instructions on a monthly basis and through delivering a service that is best in class for quality, content and successful contact and resolution, we expect to see this area of our business continue to grow.

Providing full UK coverage our model, wherever possible makes use of fully employed representatives to carry out client instructions. We currently deliver in excess of 90% of all instructions we process on an employed basis. This gives us a clear advantage over our competitors with a well trained and managed team delivering consistent performance!

This team is based in our offices in Sheffield and is headed up by Dave Whittaker, Senior Operations Manager, supported by Tom Irvine, Operations Manager and Hazel Senior Team Leader. We have established a good platform that is able to deliver high quality work, speedy turnarounds and consistent performance. As you would expect we are able to tailor our services to individual client requirements. We have found that by working with our clients to understand their objectives and by challenging our processes, our support team and our field based representatives we can quickly establish ourselves as No.1 supplier.

Niall Gilhooley, Chief Operating Officer, Ascent Collections Ltd, Manchester