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Ascent Collections, Irwin Mitchell’s wholly owned DCA looks forward to further growth in 2011. After a successful year in 2010 Ascent is now collecting seven figure sums on a monthly basis for a broad range of clients. At Ascent we work with our clients to deliver dynamic, cutting edge management information, which enables us to devise the most appropriate and cost effective recovery strategies.

At the point of outsourcing to Ascent we work with you to capture as much key data as possible. This goes far beyond standard outsourcing data but in most cases will be data already held on your system. This allows us to analyse characteristics as projects develop and overlay the performance of individual accounts in order that we can develop the most appropriate treatment strategies. Although we will be able to give you very clear advice at the outset as to what strategies are likely to succeed, our aim is to work with you, on an ongoing basis, to refine strategies according to your own specific books.

The graph on the right illustrates how we have worked with clients to develop cost effective litigation strategies for their portfolios. Through analytics we have been able to clearly identify on which accounts litigation has proved the most effective option. As matters stand, we have developed scorecards that can model up to 12 account characteristics and recovery performance in order to deliver optimal performance and strategy modelling.

The profiling of accounts ensures that collection treatment strategies applied deliver the optimum net return to our clients.