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To Infinity and Beyond

On 1st September following a successful six month trial, Ascent Performance Group made a significant investment and signed contracts with Infinity Contact Centre Solutions to provide quality management software which has been deployed across all areas of our business.

As a forward looking company Ascent has long been anticipating the upcoming change in our regulatory landscape as we approach the transition from OFT licensing to Financial Conduct Authority authorisation and whilst compliance and quality assessment (QA) procedures have always been robust we decided to take this opportunity to review and improve our approach to them focusing on three key areas.

Our most pressing concern was to make the compliance information we collect not only richer, but also more easily visible and more readily available, not just for our new regulator but also for the company’s partners.

At the same we recognised a need to streamline the process of collecting and compiling this data in order to allow more time to do the job at hand. Finally, more precise and visible QA data to give Ascent 360-degree feedback on its overall performance, and this data then used to improve agent training, better inform operational decisions and to improve the overall customer experience.

Infinity CCS’s Quality software met all of our objectives by automating the collection of compliance data and the compilation of reports.

Now, instead of being recorded on paper and in spreadsheets, all actions are recorded using the Infinity Quality software, and other compliance data is inputted into it directly, which means there is a central repository of all QA and compliance information.

The results speak for themselves. Monthly reports, which used to take up to a week to compile, are now run at the push of a button. Bespoke reports, when required, can be set up and run in a matter of hours. Evidence of compliance is more substantial, more clearly categorised and more easily available.

Non-compliance issues are flagged and addressed almost instantly. Finally, targeted feedback can now be given to agents in real time as well as through ongoing coaching and mentoring.

Through our investment in Infinity CCS’s Quality software, we have not only improved our compliance infrastructure, we have also improved our ability to evidence compliance, freed up staff for other important work, and given our self a valuable source of data which is now used to improve our business’s performance across the board.

Story by
Glen Walker
Head of Quality and Compliance
T: 0161 838 3104
E: glen.walker@ascent.co.uk