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Optimisation could be described as a thinking clock. It controls the time at which the heating system is started so that the preheat period is only as long as it is required, based on the desired internal temperature at occupation, the thermal efficiency of the building and external conditions. This function is also applied to the finishing time of occupation and the heating turning off.

Both situations provide considerable energy savings and a function, which is difficult to manage by hand.

In monitoring plant & equipment, BEMS now has the capability of providing alarms to alert site personnel of failure or that conditions are outside of limits.

The “thinking” clock

With improvements in technology BEMS has the ability to communicate with a remote ‘Front End’ which can be monitored 24/7 by trained staff who can respond to the alarms and in a large number of cases remotely resolve the fault without the need of site attendance by a field engineer and the subsequent call-out charge, thus saving downtime and cost to the school.

Together with regular energy healthchecks Acivico’s knowledge and expertise in this area has made the BEMS service a popular option with many schools.

Need to cut costs – take control of your energy

For many years schools have controlled heating systems manually through programmers, time clocks or simply through the judgement of site managers & supervisors.

As the size and complexity of schools increases and with energy now accounting for a significant proportion of the schools budget, the management and control of energy use within the building is important. Creating and retaining comfortable learning conditions, reducing waste and making savings on energy costs are becoming important priorities for schools.

How Acivico can help your school

Managing and monitoring energy consumption through Acivico’s Building Energy Management System (BEMS) can achieve 10%-20% saving compared to individual controllers such as time clocks.

The continuous monitoring of the building through BEMS enables the building operator to have a greater understanding of energy usage, which often leads to highlighting problem areas where plant is operating out of hours resulting in unnecessary energy being used. Acivico’s BEMS service can help to improve management information, benefiting forward planning and costing. It can also encourage staff awareness.

An important part of BEMS is weather compensation and optimisation. Weather compensation is a popular form of controlling wet heating systems where radiators are fitted and system designed. It is an automatic and continuous element of control which varies the flow temperature generated by the boiler as the weather gets warmer thus maintaining a constant space temperature whilst minimising the amount of energy being used.