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At Irwin Mitchell we are committed to improving the lives of our clients who are survivors of abuse.  The recent revelations of the experiences of two young women in Sheffield, abused by their father over a period of many years, has led to his life imprisonment.  No doubt their lives and the lives of their other family members have all but been destroyed by their experiences.

We can understand why survivors of abuse may well feel that bringing any further claim for compensation or even involving the police, can only be counter productive and serve to remind them of the torment they have suffered.  Is it ever worth it?  We are not in a position to turn the clock back and avoid these awful events unfolding.  However, bringing a claim for compensation does not just try, however imperfectly, to compensate a survivor for past pain and torment.  It can also keep to establish building blocks for a positive future.  We can incorporate, where it is appropriate, a claim for the cost of future treatment.  We can also incorporate a claim for the cost of future training and educational needs especially for those who live largely in the absence of adult mentors.  We can seek to obtain funds to improve the day to day lives and the long term prospects of our clients and to encourage them to look forward as positively as possible rather than dwell on the painful events of the past.

Sallie Booth