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Royal British Legion Solicitors Group Legal Services Team of the Year 2016

Geraldine, Paul and Simon attended the Claims Innovation Awards in June at the Midland Hotel in Manchester, as part of the Royal British Legion Solicitors Group, who picked up the award for Legal Services Team of the Year.

The Claims Innovation Awards celebrate how teams and individuals across the legal services landscape constantly find new ways of raising standards, growing business and improving access to justice. Paul is a founder member of the group, formed in the latter part of 1987 following the removal of the MoD’s immunity from civil claims.

A handful of likeminded lawyers, several of whom, like Paul, had had a previous career in the military, joined forces to assist beneficiaries of the Royal British Legion and to share information. Geraldine joined the Group in 1990 and is the current Secretary. Simon joined more recently, bringing his expertise in assisting Commonwealth Soldiers, particularly in the area of cold injury claims.

The award also recognised the work of the Group at military inquests, many of which have been undertaken on a pro-bono basis.

High profile Inquests have included the Brecon Beacon Inquest, the inquest into the death of Sgt Roberts, the first soldier to die in Iraq, the Inquest into the death of Corporal of the Horse Matty Hull, who died in an A10 “friendly fire” incident and the death of Mark Wright GC in a Kajaki minefield.

High profile litigation in the Group includes the Chinook Mull of Kintyre crash 1994, the MoD Borneo Jungle expedition of the same year, and the Nimrod crash, which raised issues in military aviation, leading to the Haddon-Cave review.

Geraldine, Paul and Simon joined Chairman Hilary Meredith and colleagues on the night for a ceremony hosted by Ralf Little and, although the history of the Group was looked at with great pride, there was a recognition that the need for this specialist representation remains as strong as ever.

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