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Our Quarterly Report

UK Powerhouse

Our UK Powerhouse campaign tracks regional economic growth across the UK and offers expert policy recommendations for the future.

The latest report, produced with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), looks at one of the most talked about topics of the moment: environmental sustainability. As more people turn to green solutions and governments tighten regulations, there is a knock-on effect for businesses hoping to thrive in this economy.

Our report looks at four key areas of environmental sustainability across our 46 UK Powerhouse locations. It examines the areas in which various cities can improve, and what trends may arise as the country moves towards a low-carbon future.

Download our latest Powerhouse report for valuable insight into how environmental issues can affect your industry, and what economic growth looks like in Q1 2019.

Environmental sustainability

In June, the government announced that they intend to cut the UK’s greenhouse gas output to almost zero by 2050. Known as net zero emissions, the UK is the first major nation to aim for this target.

The path to achieving net zero emissions involves a number of different factors, from carbon-free commutes to switching to renewable energy.

This report looks at the challenges facing businesses who are trying to become more sustainable, and the benefits that sustainability can bring. We have examined cities across the UK to assess which are succeeding in aiming for a greener future, and how others could improve.

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