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UK Powerhouse

Our UK Powerhouse campaign tracks regional economic growth across the UK and offers expert policy recommendations for the future. Download our latest report on Q3 2018 and see how Brexit will impact the UK come March 2019.

Our latest report with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) is the second of three focusing on Brexit. It shows how 46 cities in the UK performed in Q3 2018 and how they’ll perform following our exit from the EU in March 2019.

Our report looks specifically at how these locations will see different economic outcomes and opportunities once the UK leaves the EU. We’ve looked at three possible scenarios following Brexit, which include:

  • A downside scenario - a no-deal Brexit where the UK leaves the EU with no transition period
  • A central scenario - a deal which would accommodate a transition period after which the UK and EU would be completely separate markets with distinct legal orders
  • An upside scenario - assumes the UK and EU can agree on some form of a customs union similar to current trading agreements and would allow some form of free trade and free movement of labour.

Download our latest Powerhouse report to get access to valuable insight on the wider economic issues and opportunities that could affect your business following Brexit.

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Brexit March 2019

The defeat of the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement in January 2019 highlighted the unpredictable nature of exactly what will happen after March 2019. The Office for National Statistics estimated that business investment was down by 1.1% between Q2 and Q3 2018. This is the third consecutive quarter-on-quarter fall in business investment which hasn’t happened since 2009.

In the second Brexit edition of our UK Powerhouse report we’ve outlined three possible scenarios the UK could face after Brexit. Regardless of the outcome we should expect to see an impact on macroeconomic factors like GDP growth, unemployment, consumer spending and exchange rates in the short-term.

Despite these uncertainties the UK economy is resilient. Major cities like London and Birmingham and smaller cities like Cambridge, Reading, Oxford and Milton Keynes should continue to see positive growth and remain adaptable to whatever scenario we face.

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