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UK Powerhouse

Our UK Powerhouse campaign tracks regional economic growth across the UK and offers expert policy recommendations for the future. Download our latest report on Q4 2018 and see how Brexit will impact the UK come the October 2019 leave date and beyond.

The latest report, produced with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), is the last of three focusing on Brexit. It examines how UK cities have grown, and are expected to grow post-Brexit, taking into account GVA (gross value added) and employment. It also looks at what impact Brexit is likely to have on the growth of our key industries.

Our report looks specifically at how these locations and industries will see different economic outcomes and opportunities once the UK leaves the EU. We’ve looked at the major industries and recent investments in each city, and analysed how much post-Brexit growth to expect in each.

Download our latest Powerhouse report to get access to valuable insight on the wider economic issues and opportunities that could affect your business following Brexit.

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Brexit October 2019

Brexit has now been pushed back until October 2019. This gives the government more time to negotiate over the final leave agreement – but what does it mean for British industries?

In this UK Powerhouse report, we look at how leaving the EU may affect five key industries: manufacturing, retail, construction, services and hospitality. With consumers more hesitant to spend, and uncertainty surrounding trade agreements, many companies are likely to feel a hit once the deal is made.

Brexit uncertainty has already had on an effect on the UK economy in the last three months of 2018. Our report gives you a detailed review of these changes, as well as a forecast for 12 months after the new departure date.

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